Green Building

Kane Thistle
Kane Thistle We know Green Building.

Kane Thistle Construction was embracing green building practices well before they became the law. We welcome the new standards and, whenever possible, try to exceed them.

What is Green Building?

Green building involves building environmentally responsible and using resource-efficient materials and processes throughout the building project. It starts with choosing where on a site to place the home. Fitting the home to the landscape supports all the steps that come later, such as solar, heating and cooling, energy efficiency, and landscape. From design to construction and on through maintenance and renovation, Green Building lowers the home’s environmental impact on Mother Earth and ensures that it treads lightly on our natural surroundings.

How do we Build Green?

By using sustainable materials such as those that are reused, recycled and renewable. We try to use local suppliers or existing materials on site. Just one example of how we reduce waste: When we dismantle during a remodel, we repurpose the wood to make barn doors, fencing materials, or shelves. This is material that doesn’t end up in the landfill.